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We are a graphic arts company located in Firenze (Italy) since 1906, and we have been operating on the italian and international markets for over one hundred years. We are specialized in the realization of graphic products from art books and sales catalogues to packaging.
We are equipped with complete production facilities on site for both areas of products, guaranteeing the highest quality and constant service in a short production time.

Our Latest Works

Joan Didion: What She Means

Joan Didion: What She Means is an exhibition as portrait, a narration of the life of one artist by another. Organized by critically acclaimed writer and New Yorker contributor Hilton Als, the exhibition features approximately 50 artists ranging from Betye Saar to Vija Celmins, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Maren Hassinger, Silke Otto-Knapp, John Koch, Ed Ruscha, Pat Steir, and many others. The more than 200 works include painting, ephemera, photography, sculpture, video, and footage from a number of the films for which Didion authored screenplays.

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George Nakashima Woodworker

No longer a catalog, but an intimate window into how and why we do what we do.

Our Process Book acts a first step in understanding our foundations and identifying what you hope to achieve in working with us. Defined by George Nakashima in the 1940s, our approach to design represents the rich and active legacy of a studio that, to this day, is led by a strict adherence to craftsmanship and a humble respect of wood.

This book is printed and handbound in Italy with an exposed spine that pays tribute to traditional craftsmanship. The cover unfolds to reveal a large-scale, two-sided poster with original drawings from George Nakashima on the underside.

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Oceania: The Shape of Time

The visual arts of Oceania tell a wealth of dynamic stories about origins, ancestral power, performance, and initiation. This publication explores the deeply rooted connections between Austronesian-speaking peoples, whose ancestral homelands span Island Southeast Asia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the island archipelagoes of the northern and eastern Pacific. Unlike previous books, it foregrounds Indigenous perspectives, alongside multidisciplinary research in art history, ethnography, and archaeology, to provide an intimate look at Oceania, its art, and its culture.

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